Is an Online MS in Math and Science Education Right For You?

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Teaching has often been called the noblest profession, and that is certainly a true statement. Whether you teach young children how to read or adults how to speak a foreign language, sharing your knowledge can be a fulfilling and rewarding career. If you are currently a teacher with a bachelor’s degree, and you want to move on to the next step in your career, then you might have given some thought to earning a master’s degree.

Thanks to online degree programs, earning even a master’s from the comfort of home is easier than ever. Find out if you could be the right fit for an online M.S. in Education – Math and Science Grades K-8.

Do You Enjoy Teaching Elementary School Students?

This master’s degree focuses specifically on teaching math and science to students up to the age of 12. The curriculum focuses on basic math and science information that pertains to grades in elementary and middle school, but it skirts over all advanced material.

This means that going on to teach high school requires an additional degree, so any potential students should be passionate about this age group in particular before enrolling into the program.

Do You Specialize in Math and Science?

While part of this degree program emphasizes the various teaching techniques used in elementary and middle school classrooms, many of which can apply to nearly every subject taught in schools, it also focuses on math and science.

Unless you feel comfortable with logic, geometry, statistics and algebra, this could be the wrong degree program for you. However, for those who enjoy both math and science and want to continue in this direction for their future career, the degree could be the perfect fit.

Do You Meet the Prerequisites For Enrollment?

Before potential students can enroll into an online program for this master’s degree in math and science education, they will need to meet some key prerequisites set in place by each individual school. While these can and do vary slightly from college to college, many of the guidelines are the same across the board.

All potential applicants should have a bachelor’s degree in education, math or science as well as GRE scores. Many colleges also ask for a written statement, character references and proof of a registration in your state as a certified teacher with at least one year of experience.

Can You Fit the Degree Into Your Schedule?

Many teachers who have the desire to advance their careers and increase their earning potential are concerned that they simply won’t have time to attend lectures, take exams and still work full-time at schools.

Thankfully, online degree programs mean that students get incredible flexibility when it comes to studying. You can work through the materials at your own pace, and lectures can be recorded and watched from the comfort of home whenever it fits into your schedule.


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