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When most people think of teaching, they picture elementary or high school students in a classroom. While this certainly represents a large sector in the field of education, teaching also includes helping adults to learn something new. ESL, or English as a second language, is a growing area of specialization around the world.

Since English is certainly the language of business and education in nearly every country on the planet, adults of all ages are eager to master the tongue. If you are interested in reaching the peak of the ESL field, then an online degree like the English as a Second Language – Doctor of Education might be the right fit for your future.

How Long Does a Doctorate Degree Take to Complete?

The specific time it takes to complete your doctoral degree in ESL will vary considerably depending on a number of factors. Those who choose to complete the material full-time, for example, will obviously finish faster than those who also work full-time careers and study at night.

However, many colleges put a cap on how long the doctoral degree can take, and seven years is typically the maximum amount of time allowed.

What Kind of Courses Will Be Included in the Program?

Generally, the doctoral degree program in English as a second language is made up of 60 credits as well as a dissertation completed by the student. While the dissertation can be on a related topic of your choosing, the bulk of the 60 credits will remain the same no matter what university you happen to attend.

A sampling of the curriculum might include qualitative research methods, sociolinguistics, inter-language pragmatics, materials development and cultural influences on language.

What Are the Prerequisites For Enrollment?

Since this is the most advanced degree available in the field, the prerequisites are significant for anyone who wants to enroll in the program. Applicants need to have already completed a master’s degree, which should be in the same subject or something related like adult education or linguistics.

In addition, applicants should have at least one year of ESL teaching experience, written references from teaching staff or employers and a written statement.

What Career Opportunities Are Available For Degree Holders?

With this degree, the number of career opportunities in the field of language teaching are nearly limitless. Many graduates go on to teach at the college level, and they will be preparing the next generation of ESL teachers to succeed on their own.

Others may create materials or textbooks, manage ESL programs abroad or evaluate ESL teachers to ensure their methods are effective.

What Are the Benefits of Online Study?

Few people are in the position to drop their life entirely and attend classes at a college campus for up to seven years. Thankfully, the convenience of online study means that students can earn their degree from any location with a reliable Internet connection.


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