Top 5 Careers With an Online Degree in Political Science

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If the subjects that interest you most include writing, politics, sociology and debate, then you might naturally gravitate towards a degree in political science.

Before enrolling into any kind of college program, however, aspiring students should fully understand what kind of careers are available to graduates who hold a degree in this field. Discover five of the top careers open to those who earn an online Bachelor of Arts in Political Science.

1. Politician

As you might imagine, one of the top careers for those who study political science is directly in politics. Politicians can range from city mayor all the way up to president, and there are countless positions that span the two extremes. If you are interested in pursuing this type of career, then one of the best ways to prepare is by fulling understanding the political process.

Over the course of a political science degree at the bachelor’s level, you will study the three branches of government, how laws are made and enacted, how election results are tallied and how to poll for public opinion.

2. Journalist

Another natural career fit for those who hold a bachelor’s degree in political science is that of journalist. A big component of the political science curriculum is writing as well as researching, and those two skills are exactly what you will need in order to succeed as a journalist.

You might decide to work as an online news bloggers who responds to daily political events, or you could be on the other side of the screen as a political correspondent for a daily news show.

3. Campaign Manager

If you are interested in politics and truly want to improve or change the way that the government is run, but you don’t want to step into the spotlight yourself, then a great career choice is to become a campaign manager.

This position involved entrenching yourself into the campaign of a single politician for months or even years at a time, but the work can be fulfilling if you are great at multitasking and you truly feel like you are making a difference in your neighborhood, your state or even your entire country.

4. Lawyer

The key skills needed in politics and law overlap considerably, which means that many political science majors decide to enter the legal field after graduation.

By mastering your research, your logic, your debating skills and your writing through the political science degree program, you will be ready to enter law school or work right away as a legal assistant.

5. Government Employee

There are thousands of different government employee positions that are filled every year, and they range from appointed positions to elected spots. Whether you are a good fit for city planner or something else, don’t forget about these careers that are often a smart choice for graduates in political science.

Thanks to, earning your bachelor’s degree entirely online is easier than ever, and even the busiest students can fit the program into their schedule.

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