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Today, one of the most popular undergraduate degrees is that of psychology. Students from all backgrounds enjoy learning more about what makes people act the way that they do, and the subject matter is definitely fascinating.

However, finding a career in psychology with just a bachelor’s degree can be a challenge, and many students are faced with the decision between working outside of their field and going back to school for an advanced degree. Students can pursue their Masters in Psychology/Behavioral Health while still working or caring for family.

MA in Psychology: Understanding the Facts

Before you enroll into an online master’s program like this one, it is important to fully understand the program as well as what will be expected of you as a student. The objective of the program is to better understand the relationship between human health, the brain and human behavior. This will be achieved by studying for an average of one year full-time or two years part-time.

A sample of the most common courses that you might come across on your syllabus could include behavioral health perspectives, healthcare ethics, intervention implementation, epidemiology, cultural health and bio-statistics.

Prerequisites For Enrollment Into This Master’s Program

Before students can enroll into a master’s program, they need to have completed their undergraduate studies. While it may not be necessary to have a bachelor’s degree specifically in psychology, a related major, minor or work experience can be a big draw for admissions counselors.

Students may also need to submit GRE scores to show that they can handle the upcoming graduate material, and it is also not uncommon to submit transcripts, proof of your undergraduate grade point average, a work resume and references from previous employers, teaching staff or mentors in your life.

Career Opportunities and Potential For Graduates

For the overwhelming majority of students, earning a master’s degree is done primarily to enhance their careers and increase their earning potential. Thankfully, an online master’s degree in psychology and behavioral health can do exactly that. Once you have your degree, you can pursue an extensive range of career opportunities.

Some of the most popular for graduates include working as a mental health counselor, psychology researcher, health policy maker, healthcare evaluator in a hospital or nursing home, consultant for insurance companies or even a psychology teacher at the high school or college level.

Advantages of Online Degree Programs

While this master’s degree can be completed online or through a traditional college campus program, students with busy schedules often turn to the Internet-based curriculum. The teaching materials and even lectures are often identical, but online students can watch the seminars and lectures according to their own schedule.

As long as you have access to a computer and a reliable Internet connection, you can begin earning your master’s degree from a cafe or even your very own living room.

Online colleges make it easier than ever for even the busiest students to advance their psychology careers with a master’s degree.

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