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In nearly every company with more than a handful of employees, there is a human resources department. This part of the business might handle payroll, the hiring of new employees, training for new recruits and creating a safe place for staff.

While the size of the human resources department depends on the size of the company, there is often a management position at the top of this department to oversee all of human resources.

If you have strong communication skills, you get along well with others, you are organized and you want to find a leadership position, then earning an online qualification like the bachelor’s degree in human resources management can be the first step towards success.

Typical Courses Found in the BA of Human Resources Management

On average, the bachelor’s degree in this field is made up of 120 credits, which will take most students about four years to complete. One-third of these credits will be in general education studies, which could include classes like history, math or even a foreign language requirement.

The remaining two-thirds of your courses will be relating directly to human resources management. While the specific titles on your syllabus will vary depending on where you go to school, expect to see names like labor relations, staffing, employment law, organizational behavior, health and safety in the workplace, compensation and workplace diversity.

Requirements For Potential Applicants

Like with most bachelor’s degrees, applicants will need to meet certain prerequisites before they can enroll into this program and begin earning their degree. Most colleges expect applicants to be over the age of 18 and have a high school diploma, but some will accept written permission from parents and the equivalent of a general education degree.

In addition, students should have a minimum grade point average of 2.8 on a 4.0 scale, have taken either the SAT or the ACT with acceptable scores and be prepared to write a personal statement or admission essay to submit with their application.

Benefits of Earning Your Degree Online

Some students are still wary about earning their bachelor’s degrees online, but over the past decade the online learning system has advanced substantially. Employers rarely discriminate between online degrees and the more traditional counterparts, and online learning makes it easier than ever to earn your degree according to your own schedule.

Whether you are busy, taking care of family or working full-time, you can still watch recorded lectures, complete coursework online and even take exams from your home computer.

Jobs For Graduates

After graduating with a bachelor’s degree in this field, you will be prepared to tackle all types of employment opportunities. Many graduates go on to take entry or mid-level managerial positions in the human resources departments of any number of companies. Some common job titles include that of labor relations specialist, employee benefit manager and human resource supervisor.

If a career in human resources management seems like the right fit for you, can offer the right degree programs for your busy lifestyle.

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