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Many people incorrectly believe that becoming a manager involves little more than getting years of experience and having the natural ability to lead others. While having the confidence and assurance to lead is certainly a part of becoming and remaining a successful manager, there are a whole host of additional skills that can be learned in order to enjoy a lucrative and fulfilling management career.

Even with a bachelor’s degree, some aspiring managers can benefit from earning an advanced qualification. Find out how an online MS in Management – Organizational Design and Development can be the perfect way to advance your career and enjoy success in any field.

Objective and Curriculum of the MS in Management

The primary objective of the master’s degree in management with a focus on organizational design and development is to prepare students for successful careers at the mid and upper-level management positions that are desired most. This is achieved with a one to two-year program that can be completed online or through a traditional college campus.

While the specific courses of this master’s degree program can and will vary from college to college, some of the courses that are most commonly found on the syllabus include that of business communications, strategic human resources management, applied research, organization of design and the strategies of organizational management.

Prerequisites For Enrollment Into the Program

As with most master’s degree programs, there are several prerequisites in place to ensure that students are prepared to handle the course matter and can reasonably be expected to graduate on time.

All applicants should have a minimum of a bachelor’s degree, but that degree does not have to be in a related field. In addition, applications should have GRE or GMAT scores to submit, transcripts reflecting their grade point average of 3.0 or higher on a 4.0 scale and references or recommendations from employers, teachers or mentors. Some students will also need to submit a written essay or personal statement along with their formal application.

Career Opportunities After Graduation

One of the best things about earning a master’s degree in management with an emphasis on organizational design and development is that it can be used in all types of fields and industries. Managers are needed in everything from healthcare companies to retail organizations, and the best managers will be those who are trained to lead organized departments.

Graduates might go on to enjoy careers such as management analyst, management consultant, human resource manager or operations research analyst.

Advantages of Online Education

Choosing between a traditional college campus degree and a master’s through an accredited online college can be a tricky decision, but students with full-time careers or busy schedules often turn to the online option. With Internet-based lectures and the freedom to study and take exams according to your own schedule, online degrees are a smart choice for many students.

If a management career is something that you desire, then an online master’s degree in management can help get you to your goals in less time.

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