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Wherever you live and whatever age you happen to be, there is a good chance that you used multiple kinds of software as well as mobile applications today. You might have used an alarm app on your phone to wake up, an app to tell you the weather when you got dressed for the day or email software to check up on your work before you begin your commute to the office.

In today’s modern world, software and mobile applications are integral to everything from communication to business. If you enjoy working with computers and you have an interest in development, then think seriously about earning an online Software and Mobile Application Development BS degree.

Understanding the Bachelor’s in Software and Mobile Application Development

The objective of this degree program is to prepare students for careers as software developers and mobile application developers. On average, the bachelor’s degree in this field takes four years to complete, but those students who opt to study online will have a little more flexibility in this regard.

Typical Courses You Might Find on the Syllabus

With more than 120 credits included in this degree program, on average, students should expect roughly one-third to be general education courses. These help graduates become well-rounded, and they might include subjects like English literature or business communications.

The bulk of the courses, however, will relate directly to the major, and they may consist of classes with titles like quality assurance, application testing, data structuring, programming languages, market research, operating systems and system design.

Job Opportunities For Graduates in the Field

The biggest concern for many students in the field of software development is what kind of careers will be open to them upon graduation. While many industries are seeing cutbacks, the tech field is growing rapidly, with more and more startups as well as multinational corporations hiring daily.

According to the Bureau of Labor Statistics, software developers who design applications can expect to see growth in their field of 28 percent or more between now and 2020, which is a big leap even after accounting for population growth. Careers in web programming and development can be lucrative, with salaries of $90,000 and higher standard for bachelor’s degree holders.

Prerequisites For Enrollment in the Degree Program

Before you can start taking classes toward this degree, you will need to apply to and be accepted by a college. Generally, applicants will have to have a high school diploma and be over the age of 18 by the time of enrollment, but some schools have exceptions for younger students with parental permission or for general degree holders.

Many colleges expect applicants to have a grade point average of 3.0 or higher on a 4.0 scale, and others want proof of computing experience or references from mentors, teachers or employers.

Thanks to, students can earn their bachelor’s degree from the comfort of home. Commuting, parking and missing classes will be a thing of the past, and students will appreciate the flexibility of online learning.

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