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While getting an associate or bachelor’s degree is definitely one way to train for a career, that is not the only option available to individuals. Certificates and diplomas are alternatives that give students the tools they need to succeed in a range of entry-level careers across countless industries.

One of the most in-demand careers today is that of health and wellness administrators, who might work in a nursing home, a hospital or even a gym.

If you are interested in an administrative position in the field of healthcare but you don’t want to commit to a two-year or four-year degree, then an online health and wellness administration certificate could be the ultimate fit for your career goals.

What is a Certificate in Health and Wellness?

In many ways, a certificate in health and wellness administration is similar to a degree in the same subject. While the subjects are generally similar in both, students who opt to earn a certificate will cover the material in less depth, which makes the program shorter overall. The objective of the certificate in health and wellness is to prepare students for administrative careers in the healthcare field, to teach them basic medical terminology and to familiarize them with the basics of organization, office management and medical billing.

What Kind of Subjects Might Be Covered?

While the specific subjects of a certificate in health and wellness administration generally varies depending on where the program takes place and who is teaching the courses, in many cases they highlight the same major themes. For example, students can expect to cover subjects like health services administration, office management, ethics of healthcare, medical billing and coding, medical terminology and basic pharmacology.

Are There Any Prerequisites For Enrollment?

While associate and bachelor’s degrees may have strict prerequisites for applicants before they can enroll, the standards for most certificate programs in this subject are relatively simple to meet. However, most applicants will still need to submit multiple forms of identification, show proof of a high school diploma or a general education degree and be over the age of 18 or have express written permission from their parents before they can enroll into the certificate program.

What Career Opportunities Exist For Graduates?

Perhaps the number one reason that students earn this certificate is for the chance to secure a true career upon graduation. Thankfully, many employers are eager to hire those with education in the field. Some of the most common places that health and wellness administrators find jobs include hospitals, nursing homes, private practices and fitness facilities.

Why is an Online Certificate Often the Best Choice?

Students can choose to earn certificates at college campuses, but the class schedule may not be convenient for your busy life. With online certificates, you can study, watch lectures, read materials and even take exams from the comfort of home thanks to your personal computer.

Earning an online health and wellness administration certificate can be a quick way to advance your career in the healthcare field.

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