Turn Passion Into A Career With an Online Degree in Film and Screenwriting

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While most people enjoy watching movies, there is a small percentage of the population who go beyond simply liking the actors or enjoying the plot. These film-loving individuals might study camera angles, read the biographies of famous directors or even write their own screenplays.

If you have a deep interest in film as well as the desire to pursue a career in this field, then one of the best ways to prepare is with a bachelor’s degree. Discover how to enroll, why an online course is best and what classes you can expect when pursuing a B.A. in Digital Film with an emphasis in screenwriting.

Understanding the Objective of the BA in Digital Film

The primary objective of the bachelor’s degree in digital film with an emphasis on screenwriting is to prepare students for careers in the film industry. Whether you are passionate about directing or producing, a digital film degree covers all the bases.

The screenwriting component is obviously ideal for writers who want to break into the film industry, but understanding the elements of a great screenplay will come in handy for anyone involved in this business and is definitely not reserved exclusively for writers.

Typical Courses on the Syllabus

A typical bachelor’s degree in digital film takes four years to complete, and it consists of 120 credits taken over that time period.

While some of the courses may be general education curriculum that varies from math to business finance, the overwhelming majority of the courses on your syllabus will be directly related to film and screenwriting. Just a sample of the classes you might expect to take could include media aesthetics, the history of film, character development, sound production, plot analysis and screenplay adaptation.

Prerequisites of Enrollment

While every college has its own set of requirements that applicants have to meet before they can enroll, there are some standards that remain the same at every institution of higher education. For example, all applicants will need to be 18 or older, or they will require parental permission.

In addition, students should have a high school diploma. Some colleges may also request SAT and ACT scores, transcripts with a minimum grade point average or a portfolio demonstrating interest in film and screenwriting.

Careers For Graduates

Once you have a degree in film, there are a number of different careers that you can pursue. Graduates may work as television writers, screenwriters that adapt novels for movie studios or writing tutors for aspiring film producers.

Advantages of Earning Your Degree Online

Between an online degree and a more traditional college campus degree, the Internet-based option often wins out for busy students. The convenience of studying, taking exams and communicating with classmates from the comfort of home is a big advantage, and the costs of attendance may be lower without the need to park or commute to campus on a regular basis.

Thanks to accredited online colleges, pursuing a degree in film is a real possibility for even the busiest aspiring screenwriters.

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