Turn Creativity Into Cash With a Fine Arts Degree in Advertising

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Advertising The fields of fine arts and advertising might seem completely different from one another, and the types of students who pursue each field at the college level are often completely different people. However, there is one degree that combines the creativity of design and the career potential of advertising. If you want to enjoy greater earning potential and a number of career paths in worlds like communication, graphic design, marketing and advertising, then discover more about the Bachelor of Fine Arts in Advertising and Design Communications below.

What Will You Learn With This Degree?

This degree teaches students how to visually capture conceptual ideas in printed materials, commercials or even websites. For example, a marketing company might need to showcase a product to an audience and have them feel nostalgic, and someone skilled in this field would be able to conjure up images of quaint family life for viewers. Along with mastering the art of graphic design as well as design software, courses in this program help students understand the psychology behind purchases. Some of the courses that you might expect to find on this degree program’s syllabus include computer-aided drafting, multimedia computing, animation, modeling and advertising basics.

How Long Does It Take to Complete?

In a traditional college campus setting, this bachelor’s degree takes four years to complete, and students have to attend set classes over eight different semesters. However, online students can have a little more flexibility when it comes to completing the degree. The 120 credits can be completed at your own pace, which means that some students might finish the degree in less than three years and busy students with careers might finish in five years.

Who Should Enroll Into This Degree Program?

Students with a serious interest in art should definitely apply to this program, and so should those already familiar with design software. However, students will have to meet some requirements before they can enroll into this program. Most colleges require applicants to have a high school degree or an equivalent, and students may also need to submit a portfolio of their work for consideration along with their formal application.

What Careers Are Open to Graduates?

Graduating with a Bachelor of Fine Arts in the field of advertising and design communications can open up a wide range of potential career opportunities for students. You could work as an in-house designer for a brand, or you might work directly with an advertising or marketing firm. Some of the most common job titles for graduates include that of graphic designer, creative director and art production manager.

Why Consider an Online Bachelor’s Degree?

If you have decided to pursue this degree, consider earning it online as a way to save time and enjoy greater flexibility in your schedule. Rather than commuting to class, you can watch recorded or live lectures from your computer at home, and even exams can be taken entirely online.

With accredited online colleges, advancing your career with a degree can be done from the comfort of home in less time than you might expect.

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