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In order to become an accountant with a large corporation, you will need to have studied beyond just the bachelor’s level. In addition, you will need to know more about large-scale accounting for a corporation, which can differ substantially from bookkeeping for a smaller business or tax preparation for individuals.

In order to get the qualifications you need for a new career in this field, the best option is often to consider an online master’s degree in corporate accounting. Discover more about this degree, what kind of courses you can expect to take, what the prerequisites are for enrollment and why the online option suits many students best.

How Long Does This Master’s Degree Take?

This master’s degree, like many others in similar fields, averages 30 credits in total. For full-time students, this takes approximately one year to complete. However, online students and many part-time students can take longer to complete the degree if necessary, and it is not unusual to take up to two years to finish the program.

What Kind of Courses Are Included in the Degree Program?

Before you decide to pursue a master’s degree in a subject like corporate accounting, it makes sense to get a better idea of the courses that you can find on a typical syllabus. While the specifics vary from college to college and even from professor to professor, you can expect the majority of your courses to pertain to accounting for large corporations. The names of classes might include advanced financial accounting, taxation of corporations, business law, financial statement analysis, information systems and management accounting.

What Are the Prerequisites For Enrollment?

Before you can enroll in a master’s degree program like this one, you will need to meet some specific prerequisites. While these are not always set in stone, most universities will insist that applicants have a bachelor’s degree in a related field, have completed either the GRE or the GMAT exam and have either taken the CPA licensing examination or plan to. If you did not major in accounting for your undergraduate degree, you may need to show proof of high-level math or economics courses that imply you are ready to handle advanced courses in corporate accounting.

What Career Options Are Available to Graduates?

With a master’s degree in hand in a subject like corporate accounting, you will have countless career opportunities ahead. As you might guess, many graduates go on to find careers as accounts for large international corporations in all kinds of industries. Titles commonly include that of senior tax accountant, controller, audit accountant and head of the accountancy or auditing department.

Why is Online Education Often the Best Option?

For busy students or those who work full-time jobs, trying to commute to a night class is a struggle, and it might even discourage you from pursuing an advanced degree. With online degree programs, anyone can complete their work and exams from the comfort of home.

Accredited online colleges allow accountants to advance their careers with a master’s in corporate accounting.

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