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Those who are naturally curious about why people behave a certain way may be drawn to fields like psychology, anthropology or sociology. To combine many of the most interesting aspects of all three fields into a single major and career choice, behavioral science might be a good place to start.

With an online degree in this subject, you can enjoy fascinating employment opportunities in research, teaching and practical application in numerous industries. Discover more about the Bachelor of Arts in Behavioral Science, requirements for applicants, courses and careers below.

What to Expect When Earning a BA in Behavioral Sciences

The first thing that potential students should know about this degree is that it consists of roughly 120 credits, or eight full semesters. In a traditional college campus setting, it would take an average of four years to complete. However, those students who opt to study online can work through the materials, lectures and exams at their own pace, which means that it might take anywhere from three to five years to finish.

A portion of the courses will be in general education subjects to help create a well-rounded education, but the majority will be in subjects related to the major. While the specific courses you will find on your syllabus can differ depending on where you attend college, common class titles include statistics, counseling theories, diversity, personality theories and social psychology.

Applicant Requirements

Although colleges and universities have their own prerequisites based on admission standards and competitiveness, there are a few requirements that nearly every school has for potential bachelor’s degree students. If you are thinking seriously about applying to a behavioral science program, ensure that you have a high school diploma or a general education degree, you are over the age of 18 by the time of enrollment and you have either SAT or ACT scores to submit.

Some colleges may also request a written admission essay, a specific grade point average from your high school career or references from teachers or employers in your past.

Advantages of an Online Degree

Students who are struggling to decide between a traditional campus degree and an online degree may want to take a closer look at the online advantages. First, you can complete all of your assignments and exams from the comfort of your home, a local cafe or anywhere else that has an Internet connection.

You can stream lectures live or watch recordings later at your own pace. Plus, you won’t have to worry about commuting or parking in order to attend college classes.

Careers in Behavioral Science

Those who hold bachelor’s degrees tend to earn substantially more than those with just a high school degree, and holding a BA in behavioral science can open new doors for your future. Popular jobs for graduates include that of criminal profiler, researcher, social worker, college lecturer and human resources specialist.

If any of the careers listed above sound like they might be the right fit for you, then earning an online bachelor’s degree in behavioral sciences could be a fantastic option.

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