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Homeland Security 5 Reasons to Earn an Online Bachelor’s Degree in Homeland Security

Although homeland security has always been a concern for national governments, in recent decades it has grown substantially to keep up with international conflicts and ongoing threats. If you want to make a difference in the world through your career, then one of the best places to start can be with an online degree.

Once you have the requisite qualifications, you can begin an exciting new career that makes the country a safer place for everyone. Discover five of the top reasons to earn your bachelor’s degree in homeland security online.

1. You’ll Be Able to Find a True Career

The main reason to consider earning your degree in a subject like homeland security is for the opportunity to pursue a true career. If you are tired of living from paycheck to paycheck each week or month, you might be ready for a career that commands respect and pays well.

Some of the most common job titles for graduates with a bachelor’s degree in this subject include immigration inspector, emergency management specialist, domestic nuclear detection expert or border patrol agent.

2. Everything Can Be Done From Home

For those with busy schedules, jobs or families, the idea of putting everything on hold to attend college campus classes might seem like an impossibility. However, online learning possibilities mean that you can earn your bachelor’s degree from the comfort of your home. As long as you have access to a computer and an Internet connection, you can watch lectures, complete coursework and take exams from nearly any location that suits your needs.

3. You Can Feel Fulfilled in Your Work Each Day

If a job to you is more than just a way to earn a paycheck, then finding a career in homeland security might be the perfect fit. Your contribution will help to make your neighborhood, state and country a better and safer place for residents, which can help you feel rewarded and fulfilled at the end of each day.

4. You Can Enjoy Job Security and Stability

Another notable benefit of careers in homeland security is that many are part of the state or federal government. These jobs offer a lot more stability than those in the private sector, and they can also be better-paid. Those who work in state law enforcement or for a government agency often enjoy benefits and vacation time beyond what private companies can offer.

5. You Can Earn Your Degree According To Your Own Schedule

If you still need convincing to enroll into a bachelor’s degree program in homeland security, then consider than all of the coursework can be completed according to your own schedule. Whether you work full-time or have a hectic family schedule, the convenience of online learning lets you study at night, on the weekends or during the summer, and you can speed up or slow down the pace depending on your needs.

Help Your Community With an Online BS Degree in Public Safety

In order to keep communities, states and even entire countries safe in all kind of events, individuals trained in public safety are a necessity. These professionals may create emergency plans in case of natural disasters, or they may work in fields like healthcare and immigration. Either way, they can know that their careers are making a difference in creating a safer, more secure place to live. If this sounds like a career path that interests you, then a great place to start is with an online BS Degree in Public Safety.

Typical Courses on the Public Safety Degree SyllabusPublic Safety

The average bachelor’s degree in public safety includes more than 120 credits, which means that you might expect to take 40 different classes over a four-year span.

Most students will take at least a few general education courses, and these can include subjects as varied as history, math or meeting a foreign language requirement.

An average of 75 percent of your degree, however, will be comprised of related subjects that prepare you for a successful career in public safety.

Some of the most common of these subjects include homeland security, decision making, public relations, preparing for disasters, hazardous materials management and organizational behavior.

Prerequisites For Enrollment in the Program

Before students can begin taking classes toward their bachelor’s degree, they will need to apply to a specific program and then be accepted. Acceptance is dependent on meeting a few prerequisites, many of which are the same across the board.

On average, students are expected to be over the age of 18 by the time of enrollment, and they should have either a high school diploma or the equivalent of a general education degree. Applicants may also be expected to have either ACT or SAT scores that they can submit, references from previous teachers or a personal written essay.

Employment Opportunity After Graduation

For many students, the primary objective of earning a bachelor’s degree is being able to seek out new career opportunities after graduation. If you have a bachelor’s degree in a subject like public safety, you will have a variety of career options to pursue.

Many graduates choose to work in government agencies, and others find fulfillment in law enforcement. Common job titles include that of federal agent, fire chief, emergency management coordinator, city manager or hospital emergency consultant.

Exploring the Advantages of an Online Degree

Although public safety degrees are available through traditional college campuses, an increasing number of students are instead choosing to earn their degrees online. This allows you to skip the hassles of waking up early for class, parking and commuting.

However, you will still enjoy fantastic teaching staff, great materials and a wonderful education. Online degrees are a popular option for busy students who have to take care of family or work while earning their degree, and tuition costs are often lower.

With the convenience and flexibility of accredited online colleges, it can be easier than you might expect to earn an online bachelor’s degree and begin a new career. Explore the accredited colleges and universities and the programs they offer to help you succeed by visiting

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