Top Jobs In The Energy Sector For 2014

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The economy of the United States is busy slowly recovering from the biggest recession in eighty years. The unemployment rate has dropped from around ten percent in 2009 to seven percent in November 2013.

One sector in particular that has fueled a large number of jobs recently is the energy industry, and online technology degrees can help individuals embark on this career path. Today we will look at the top job opportunities in this market.


Geologists study the earth’s physical aspects. Their skills are vital to the energy industry as they look to uncover where gas and oil could be hiding. This is a fast-growing career field with excellent job growth. The median pay for geologists was about $82,500 per year in 2010.

Mechanical Engineer

A mechanical engineer develops, designs, tests or builds mechanical devices. These are highly paid jobs with salaries on average in the region of $78,000 per year, and it is not often that one finds a mechanical engineer out of work.

One company that is currently recruiting mechanical engineers is C&J Energy Services. The company continuously needs mechanical engineers to help improve the efficiency, productivity and effectiveness of its engineering projects and services.

Design Engineer

Another type of engineer that is always in demand from energy firms is the design engineer. This position involves utilizing engineering design skills to develop new processes or products. One of the many companies that are currently hiring in this field is Weatherford International, which needs design engineers to develop and design both existing and new products for the firm.

Quality Assurance and Quality Inspection

The energy industry is under constant pressure from property owners, environmentalists, shareholders and politicians to make sure it does not harm the environment through its activities. Quality control, quality assurance and inspection staff are the first line of defense to make sure that no corners are cut in the exploration of gas and oil. A key employer in this market is Halliburton.

Field Service Technician

With operations running around the clock, gas and oil companies always need field service technicians to maintain, inspect and repair the heavy machinery they use on a daily basis. What is great about this line of work is that experience can often be gained while working. Entry salaries of around $42,000 per year are pretty attractive and there is usually excellent future growth potential in this type of career.

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