The Six Most Overpaid Careers In The Country

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Many workers dream of having a job where they get paid more than they are actually worth. Most people believe this type of job is difficult to find, but is that really the case? To pinpoint the country’s most overpaid employees, U.S. News recently analyzed statistics provided by remuneration experts PayScale in order to identify those occupations characterized by relatively high salaries for fairly easy work. While this was not a completely objective process, they came up with some very interesting results. One thing is clear: computer knowledge is a huge asset, and online computer degrees could be a big help. Below is their list of the most overpaid employees in the country.

Consulting software engineer. The average mid-career yearly remuneration for this position is $123,000. These top-end programmers develop and maintain intricate computer networks for large companies and similar big organizations. However, many of them actually question whether they are really worth the huge salaries they receive. Other types of software engineers and programmers rank high on the list of overpaid workers as well.

An online computer programming degree could be the first step in becoming one of these highly paid professionals.

Interaction designer (median salary $116,000). Many businesses depend on these technical experts to make their online presence fun and engaging in order to lure visitors into buying. Other types of website managers and architects also found their way onto the overpaid list.

Brand strategist (median salary $90,700). These marketing or advertising specialists are tasked with improving the reputation and image of the company they work for. Compared to other professionals, many brand strategists feel they are overpaid.

Marketing research director (median salary $122,000). They are paid lots of money, but these market research professionals now spend a large part of their lives in front of a computer analyzing data instead of actually interacting with their company’s target market. This means less job stress for more money.

Portfolio analyst (median salary $81,800). This is undoubtedly not a job one could teach a monkey to do, but the real value of portfolio analysts, whose job it is to rebalance investment portfolios from time to time to make provisions for expected returns, has been questioned for a long time – even by themselves.

Accounting consultant (median salary $81,700). These are specialist auditors who usually have lots of experience and expertise, but even they seem to feel that they are paid more than they are actually worth. This is another job category with relatively high pay in return for a fairly low-stress job.

We recommend job seekers also read the list of the 25 best jobs of 2013 from U.S. News. Technology jobs feature prominently on this list as well, indicating that online computer programming degrees could be a good investment for future job prospects.

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