Better Job Prospects With An MBA Qualification

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What attracts many entrepreneurs and corporate leaders to the country’s top business schools is the fact that an MBA degree has traditionally been seen as significantly boosting one’s earning potential. Many of these prospective students still see MBA rankings and regularly published lists of employment figures as crucial when they have to choose a business school.

It might come as a surprise to find out that some commentators are very critical of MBAs. These skeptics cite increasing competition among MBA graduates because of a rising number of individuals with this qualification as the reason for their criticism. For a full-time MBA program, the student might have to quit his or her job, and the cost of such a program can be as high as $100,000. Other recruiters, however, continue to praise the MBA as an excellent qualification and many of them say that the demand for MBA graduates is actually increasing.

In December, a recruiter working for Schindler Group, Erika Neumann, said in an interview with BusinessBecause that her company was still actively seeking MBA graduates. She added: “Every year, we recruit a number of MBAs for specific positions, help them identify their potential and develop the individuals to gain expertise in a field or a leadership position. We have got a lot of challenging and rewarding jobs for MBA grads.”

General Electric recruiter Chris Thomas regularly scours business schools in search of their best MBA students for his company’s ECLP program. General Electric accepts around 100 prospective business leaders into the program every year, and a large percentage of these individuals are MBA graduates. He said they have found that MBA graduates have the required skills set to approach a problem from a holistic point of view, rather than merely looking at it from an accounting or financial perspective.

Thomas went on to say that MBA graduates tend to be excellent communicators. He finds that they are not only able to comprehend and analyze the core of a problem and find a solution, but they are also able to convince their team of the benefits of the solution and get their support.

Prospective students are, however, still concerned about the rising cost of MBA programs and the fact that if they follow a full-time program, they have to abandon their jobs for the duration of the course. This partly explains the increasing popularity of online MBA programs. Visit to find the right MBA program for you.

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