Capella University Launches New Nursing Programs

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Capella University, an accredited regional university that offers a selection of online degrees designed to assist working individuals to improve their careers, has launched a new and more streamlined Doctor of Public Administration (DPA). The university has also launched two new educational qualifications for nurses: a DNP Preparatory Program and an MBA Accelerated option.

Both programs provide new pathways to the university’s popular DNP and MBA programs.

A streamlined DPA enables students to finish their doctorates in a record period of three years. Capella’s modified DPA program includes the same top quality outcomes as the DPA it replaces, but it is streamlined into a smaller number of courses that concentrate on skills that really matter to public administration leaders.

As a result, students will now be able to complete the online DPA program in only three years and save nearly six months and more than $3,800 compared to the previous program. The university provides free e-books for the courses students are required to complete, which further reduces the cost of earning the degree.

The new program at Capella University also enables students to concentrate on one of five career-focused options that provide in-depth knowledge of a specific professional field of study in addition to the wider public service curriculum that forms part of the DPA program.

The specialist fields of study include Health Policy and Management, Forensics, Non-profit Leadership and Management, Homeland Security and Public Health.

DNP Preparatory Program

RNs who hold a master’s degree in a non-nursing field now have a new way to earn a Doctor of Nursing Practice (DNP) qualification, which has been recommended by the American Association of Colleges of Nursing (AACN) as the new standard qualification for all advanced practice nurses for next year.

Capella University’s excellent DNP Preparatory Program offers three courses that are a prerequisite for the MSN. These courses cover the essential skills and knowledge of a nursing-focused master’s degree. Capella University is one of several institutions offering online nursing degrees. Find out more about earning your degree online at

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