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According to the latest Help Wanted Online report published by the Employment Development Department of California, there was a slight decline for retail workers during December, mainly because of shorter winter shopping hours. However, demand remained strong for computer, office and medical workers. A number of well-known names, including Macy’s and Toys R Us, who held the number eight and nine positions respectively in October, did not make it to the latest list.

Newcomers include Xerox and staffing company Deloitte. Employers nevertheless posted more than 1,500 job ads for supervisors and retail sales people, which was enough for these roles to obtain the second and third positions on December’s top ten list.

Demand continued to be led by registered nurses. Around 1,140 advertisements were posted for this job category, according to the latest report. Health networks such as Dignity Health, Sutter Health and Kaiser Permanente maintained their positions among the list of employers with the biggest number of jobs. Online degree programs in the health field can be helpful to job seekers in this category.

With the Affordable Care Act coming into effect, health networks are increasingly looking for health services and medical managers, which are those who manage clinics or departments, monitor care quality and oversee compliance. Employers posted close to 400 online advertisements for health and medical service managers according to the December EDD report.

Employers are also looking for workers in a selection of other fields such as posting online ads, computer support specialists, customer service reps, tractor-trailer drivers, systems analysts and first-line administrators and office support supervisors.

Although the total number of jobs posted for the Sacramento area dropped from around 30,000 in June 2013 to 25,000 in December, the unemployment percentage in the region showed a significant decline.

Preliminary statistics published by the EDD show that unemployment in the Sacramento region stood at 7.6 percent in December. The figure for November was eight percent. This is significantly lower than the 8.3 percent recorded in California.

Beyond the online report published by the EDD, Sacramento state officials also reported gains in other fields in December. The hospitality and leisure industry in particular showed strong gains with 2,300 new jobs added during December 2013.

About 1,100 new jobs were created in the scientific, professional and technical industries last month, which is the biggest number reported since 1997.

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