New Study Compares Salaries For Marketing Jobs In Minnesota

January 31st, 2014 by

While Minnesota might not be able to compete when it comes to the salaries paid in California or New York, the Twin Cities pay well for specialists in the fields of advertising and public relations, paying between two and five percent above the national average.

According to the results of a recent study, companies in Minnesota offer starting remuneration packages slightly above the national average for individuals in creative industries such as marketing, advertising and public relations. All these fields are currently enjoying strong growth in the local marketplace, and online degrees could help individuals break into these lucrative fields.

The salary study, conducted by staffing services company Robert Half based in Menlo Park, California, listed average annual salaries for white-collar workers in every state and for a number of the biggest cities in these states. Starting salaries were based on estimates, and perks such as retirement packages and bonuses were not included.

In addition to studying salaries, the report also highlighted a number of hiring trends in the creative business arena, including strong demand for digital talent, an increase in the movement of employees between agencies, the growing mobile market and overall job growth both for freelance workers and full-time staff.

For example, the study found that an advertising agency president earned anywhere between $138,700 in St. Paul and $213,100 in Minneapolis. An advertising agency creative director earned anywhere from $106,600 in St. Paul to $169,600 in Minneapolis. A chief marketing officer in St. Paul earned from $137,700 up to $224,000 in Minneapolis.

Social media specialists are also in high demand in the region, earning from $53,300 in St. Paul to $77,500 in Minneapolis. Meanwhile, public relations directors earn from $95,900 at the low end in St. Paul up to $137,700 at the high end in Minneapolis.

Not surprisingly, the highest average salaries are paid in New York City, where the starting salary of an advertising agency president can be as high as $300,000.

The public relations and advertising industries employ around 5,500 individuals in Minnesota, according to a Minneapolis newspaper.

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