Conduit Global To Open Call Center In Memphis

February 4th, 2014 by

Conduit Global, a company that specializes in call centers, has announced that it will open a call center in the Memphis area. The new operation is expected to bring around 1,000 new jobs to the area in the next three to five years, according to company officials.

Conduit Global President Bryce Hayes and Tennessee Governor Bill Haslam made the announcement at the FedExForum. They added that the company plans to invest around $8 million when they move into an existing office and business park measuring 25,000 square feet.

Hayes also announced that his firm was now hiring workers. They aim to add 300 job opportunities in the next few months and eventually employ a workforce of around 1,000 as they grow. Positions that are currently on offer include information technology specialists, contact center agents, center supervisors and trainers.

Haslam added: “We know that jobs are created when people put capital at risk. In Tennessee, we know that we’re a great place for investment.”

The call center will deal with both outgoing and incoming calls, including rate plan and billing changes and questions for wireless communication customers. It will also handle technical support, customer retention and product sales for Conduit’s wide range of clients.

Hayes declined to reveal the identities of the company’s clients, but he did mention that they were Fortune 500 and 100 companies.

The Memphis operation will be the company’s sixth call center in the United States. The firm currently provides jobs to more than 5,000 individuals in nine different countries.

Hayes said that Conduit Global was attracted to the Memphis area because of its diverse labor market, strong infrastructure and abundance of universities, colleges and technical schools. They chose Memphis after also considering the Pacific Northwest and the Southwest.

He added: “Our focus is to try and find regions where we know we can attract talent, and it was very clear to us that the Memphis area helped us to meet those goals.”

Officials said that local and state incentive packages are currently in the works.

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