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The current president of the University of Missouri System, Tim Wolfe, recently discussed his life experiences and views of the future for young Americans in an interview with the St. Louis Post-Dispatch. Wolfe was involved in the business world for more than 30 years, working for large companies such as IBM, where he was in charge of thousands of employees through times of major change. When he became the University of Missouri System’s 23rd president, he expected the job to be filled with strategic plans and budgets as well as meetings with campus leaders and legislators on how to prepare for the future.

Soon after he became president, he realized that a fundamental disconnect was developing about the value of a college education. More and more young people were becoming disenchanted with what they saw as a certain way to end up in debt without any certainty of getting a job. This deeply worries Wolfe.

He says that even major news outlets such as Time magazine have recently published negative articles about the value of higher education. These articles focused on the extreme rather than the rule, Wolfe writes: “Major company CEOs like the founder of PayPal also have recently publicly denounced higher education, declaring that ‘too many kids go to college.’ That only makes things worse.”

Wolfe is simply not swayed by this negative publicity. He remains deeply convinced of the value of higher education. He points to the fact that studies consistently confirm that young people with a college degree earn around $1.6 million more during their lifetimes than their counterparts without a college degree.

Another irrefutable fact is that the unemployment rate among college graduates is less than half of that among people who never went to college. He also points out that the benefits of a college degree often extend to a person’s children and grandchildren, enabling them to obtain a college degree and earn more as well.

These, Wolfe adds, are only the values accruing to the individual. As a society, there are immense benefits to be derived from an educated population. It creates a more vibrant culture and makes the economy richer. Education improves the quality of life for everyone with new products and ideas that originate at colleges and universities.

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