Five More Jobs That Are In High Demand

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The job market in the United States has become increasingly competitive. Before one makes a final decision on which career path to follow, it makes sense to know which jobs are in demand right now. The Senior Data Scientist at job site, Jacob Bollinger, recently took the trouble to sift through more than 70 million job offers, as well as information about job applicants found on websites such as to create a picture of the current job market.

Below are the jobs he found to be in very high demand:

1. Stock, freight and material movers and laborers: This includes the majority of manual labor jobs outside the construction industry. This category, for example, includes somebody whose job is to feed materials into a factory machine or a worker in a major fulfillment center. There are currently two million people in the U.S. employed in this category.

2. Auditors and accountants: Every business needs people to keep its books, and with more than a million auditors and accountants out there, this job category makes up one of the biggest single blocks of employees receiving above average salaries. An online accounting degree could well be the start of a rewarding career in this field.

3Software developers, systems software:  This is where the majority of highly publicized high-tech jobs can be found. In 2012, only 300,000 job opportunities existed in this sector, although they were highly paid. Workers are now earning around $100,000 per year.

4. Occupational therapists: This is a another relatively small job category with about 100,000 occupational therapists currently being employed in the United States, but the sector is growing quickly, which makes it an excellent long-term career choice.

5. Operations and general managers. Individuals who have strong organizational or leadership skills will find this job category very rewarding. Every business needs managers to help keep employees fully utilized and projects on task. With around two million Americans working in this job category, there are always jobs available for suitably qualified candidates. The pay is also decent; the average operations manager earns about $95,000 per year.

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