Jessica Ennis-Hill Once Dreamed Of Becoming A Sports Psychologist

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For individuals who are interested in other people and the way their minds work, there can hardly be a more stimulating career field than that of psychology. Psychologists are not only highly respected members of society, but they often also receive above average salaries. Recently, British Olympic gold medalist Jessica Ennis-Hill surprised many observers by announcing that if she had not followed a career as athlete, her next big dream would have been to become a sports psychologist.

The athletics champion was to a large extent the face of the London Olympic Games. She won the Heptathlon event gold medal on what is widely and rather fondly known as “Super Saturday,” which was undoubtedly the highlight of her career to date.

In a YouTube video, Ennis-Hill said, “I think if I wasn’t a Heptathlete, I would be doing something in the field of psychology.” She added that she first began studying psychology during A-Levels, and she found it to be extremely interesting.

She went on to note that knowledge of psychology can be applied to many aspects of life. The superstar recently announced that she was pregnant and will be taking a break from the world of athletics this year, but she also vowed to get back to the sport as soon as possible and remain involved until she retires. She said, “I would definitely like to stay involved with athletics in some way, I could never just completely leave the sport.”

The Olympic champion concluded by expressing her gratitude towards the UK National Lottery for helping her achieve her dream. She also said that the Lottery funding has made a major difference in what she has been able to achieve during her athletics career. The Lottery’s funding and international class programs enable many athletes to achieve their full potential, she added.

Jessica Ennis-Hill was speaking during the Just Imagine campaign organized by the Lottery to increase awareness of two decades of lottery-funded sport in the United Kingdom.

If Jessica had decided to pursue her second dream and become a sports psychologist, she would have been working to help athletes to mentally prepare themselves for major sports events.

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