New Study Examines Entrepreneurship Among Students

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The 21st century job market is extremely competitive, so it is never too early to start thinking about a future career, a new study conducted by Gen Y consulting and the research company Millennial Branding that involved 4,597 college students, 172 high school students and 326 employers found that high school students on average actually showed more entrepreneurship than their college counterparts. Many high school students who took part in the survey were interested in networking and internships where they could acquire work experience and acquire new skills.

The CEO of, Robin Richards, and the sponsor of the study, Dan Schawbel, explained why it was important to start thinking about one’s future career while still attending high school.

It is useful for networking. Schawbel says that by attending school-sponsored events, connecting with teachers and signing up for local meetings, it is possible to build a strong network that will support the student in college admissions and even far beyond.

There is no doubt that building a professional network is useful in building a successful career. Young people should therefore make use of both offline and online tools, such as LinkedIn, to build a network of friends and acquaintances to support them in their careers.

  • It will make a student more competitive when applying for college. When students apply to college, listing an internship or part-time job experience on their application can help build a strong case to boost their chances of acceptance. Richards said: “The admissions committee will be able to see that you are motivated, inquisitive and serious about success from the fact that you used your break to work and gain professional experience.”
  • It will make it easier to choose a career. Work experience and internships will make it much easier to make the final decision regarding a career. Schawbel said that understanding what one would like to do or not do early on in life could lead to smarter career choices. He went on to say that high school is the perfect time to experiment.
  • It will help the learning process. Richards explained that the mere process of applying for internships or summer jobs helps a student gain valuable experience in making decisions. It also helps to build confidence.

Once a student has made a final decision regarding a career, an online degree program could be the start of an exciting job in his or her chosen field. Find out more about studying online at

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