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Individuals looking for a flexible job working from home will often run into ads promising the prospect of making hundreds of dollars by doing so. Sadly, these advertisements are often a scam. Fortunately, prospective job seekers now have help in the form of FlexJobs. This website sifts through thousands of online ads to find only the legitimate ones. It currently has a list of 25,000 companies on its database offering legitimate work-from-home opportunities.

The company recently drew up a list of the top 100 companies offering either full or partial telecommuting jobs. The ratings were based on an analysis of the employers’ job posting history.

The company’s founder and CEO, Sara Sutton Fell, said that the good news is that remote work opportunities are on the increase. Unfortunately, it is still rather difficult for the average job seeker to find a legitimate opportunity among the junk, scam and misleading ads one finds on the average job board.

She added: “With this list, we want to help guide job-seekers to some of the leading, trusted companies that have shown that they incorporate telecommuting in their hiring practices.”

According to FlexJobs’ 2014 list, the industries that offer remote working opportunities include information technology, healthcare, non-profit, education, philanthropy, marketing and sales.

Flexible work arrangements can be found in positions as diverse as senior analyst; sales representative, account executive, nurse case manager, software developer, web developer, virtual teacher and accountant.

At the top of this year’s list is Xerox. The company offers full-time careers, part-time jobs and telecommuting jobs.

In the number two spot is the United Health Group, which is a network of companies that includes Ovations, United Healthcare, Ingenix, AmeriChoice, Prescription Solutions and OptumHealth. Eligible employees of United Health Group have the option to telecommute from anywhere, while other positions work within a specifically assigned territory. Employees of the company have a choice of customizable benefits to suit their individual needs.

An online health care degree could be the start of an exciting career at a company such as United Health Group. The University of Phoenix, for example, offers an M.S. in Nursing, a Long-Term Care Certificate, an A.A. in Health Care Administration, a Masters Degree in Health Administration and an A.A. in Health Administration.

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