Signs That It Might Be Time To Look For A New Job

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The job market right now is tough, which means that many people cling to jobs they should have given up long ago. This mindset often only serves to hold individuals back in their long-term career development and tends to breed unhappiness. People who identify with the signs below might need to seriously consider looking for a new job.

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1. Unhappiness rules the day. Someone who has been unhappy in a particular job for months on end should seriously consider making a move. Everyone has good days and bad days at work, but if there are no good times at all, a change is in order.

2. No pay raise for three years. Not all companies give regular raises any more, but going without a pay increase for three years simply means a reduction in real disposable income after taking inflation into account.

3. Bad relationship with the boss. A bad relationship between an employee and the boss could scupper that person’s long-term chances of being promoted or getting recognition. If the relationship cannot be mended, it might be better to move on.

4. No more challenges. While many people are prepared to stay in a job just because it pays the bills, for individuals who want to grow personally and professionally, staying in a job that offers no challenges might become extremely frustrating.

5. The dreaded PIP (Performance Improvement Plan). To be honest, being placed on a PIP is very often the last step before being fired anyway. Although it might be possible to meet the PIP’s terms and preserve the job, it might not be the best long-term decision to stay. By that point the damage has been done so it is probably time to move on.

6. Negative feedback. Many companies require problems to be documented, so if an employee suddenly starts to receive a lot of negative feedback via email or memos, it might well be an indication that someone higher up is busy building a case against him or her. This is not always the case so overreaction is not advised, but it would also be naive to ignore clear signs that this is taking place.

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