Above Average Growth Expected In Job Opportunities For Massage Therapists

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For individuals who like to work with people and improve the wellness of others, a career as a massage therapist might be well worth considering.The average salary of around $36,000 per year means it might not be the highest paying job in the United States, but there is a lot of personal fulfillment to be derived from this career.

What is a massage therapist?

A massage therapist treats his or her clients by applying touch to manipulate the body’s soft tissue. With this technique, therapists help to alleviate pain, rehabilitate injuries, lower stress levels, improve blood circulation, provide relaxation and increase the general wellbeing of the client.

Therapists use their fingers, hands, elbows, forearms and often even their feet to knead soft tissue and muscles to achieve the desired effect. They sometimes use oils and lotions and special massage chairs or tables when treating a client. A typical massage could last anywhere from a few minutes to over an hour.

The therapist usually discusses the client’s needs with him or her before the session begins. Some therapists then develop a completely customized plan for that particular client. Between sessions, therapists often offer their clients information about additional techniques to help them relax.

A massage therapist can specialize in many different fields. These are called modalities in the industry. Examples include deep tissue massage, Swedish massage and sports massage. Many massage therapists specialize in more than one of these modalities, each of which requires a different technique.

Work environment

Massage therapists work in a wide variety of work environments, including private offices, hotels, spas, fitness centers and hospitals.

Career outlook

There are currently 132,800 individuals employed in this profession in the United States. Long-term career opportunities look excellent, with 30,000 new jobs expected to become available between 2012 and 2022. This represents a growth rate of around 23 percent, which is much higher than the average for all jobs in the country.


The median remuneration of a massage therapist was $35,970 in March 2012. This means that 50 percent of therapists earned more than this amount, with the top pay being more than $100,000 per year, and 50 percent earned less.

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