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February 27th, 2014 by

The University of Maryland East Shore has appointed Dr. Kristine Anderson to lead an aggressive expansion plan to provide online tuition to students who are looking for a distance-education alternative. Dr. Anderson was previously employed by the Pennsylvania-based Mount Aloysius College, where she was in charge of the institution’s distance and online education office. Before that, she was involved in federal distance education research for the United States military.

At UMES, she will work with Robin Hoffman, who was recently appointed the director of the Center for Instructional Technology.

Juliette Bell, the President of UMES, says that building an online academic presence was one of her top priorities. She wants the university to use proven yet creative strategies to cope with its growing enrollment numbers.

The chief academic policymaker at UMES, Dr. Ronald Nykiel, said: “UMES Online is now approaching offering 100 courses in an online format.”

The first priority Anderson will have is to create an online basis for academic programs aimed at junior and community college students, which is often referred to as the “2+2” route to a baccalaureate degree.

Nykiel said that over the longer term, the university aims to offer a selection of certificates and bachelor’s and master’s degrees as well as doctorates online. He also stated: “We’re committed to doing what we can to meet the express needs of the market.”

Anderson will start by concentrating on the development of a baseline of online courses in technology and business, criminal justice, tourism, hospitality, rehabilitation services and early childhood education. She aims to roll out online courses in these subjects towards the end of the summer.

She has also identified potential future candidates for online courses, including senior living management/administration, retail pharmacy management, international diplomacy/relations, cyber security, forensic social work, foreign languages, e-commerce and project management for small businesses.

Dr. Anderson has more than ten years of experience in instructional design. She will meet with department heads, deans and front-line faculty staff members throughout the spring of 2014 to outline how they could contribute to making UMES Online a success story.

She concluded: “The UMES community, working collaboratively, is an essential component for the success of the future programs”

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