Is Your Degree Preparing You To Work For Top Employers?

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Most people desire an enjoyable job in a friendly environment. When looking for a job, however, it is often difficult to know whether one employer would be better than another one in this regard. One good way to find out whether a particular employer offers a great workplace is to ask the people who are actually working there. For the last six years, Glassdoor has presented its sought-after Employees’ Choice Awards to identify the 50 best employers in the United States.

This year, National Instruments Corporation occupies the 28th place on the list. Their headquarters is in Austin, Texas, but the company does business internationally. The firm is responsible for manufacturing virtual instrumentation software and automated test equipment. These products are used in areas such as instrument control, data acquisition and machine vision. In 2012, the company’s client base consisted of more than 35,000 companies.

Why is working for National Instruments Corporation so desirable? First, there is the work environment. Instead of focusing on rules, staff members work under a set of simple guidelines to aid them with good decision-making and to resolve any conflicts that might arise in the workplace.

The company’s work environment also fosters community involvement and innovation to help solve engineering-related problems. Career development is very important at National Instruments, with training professionals readily available to work with supervisors and ordinary workers to help them build their skills and advance their careers.

Individuals who like to help their communities will enjoy working for a firm that gives something back to society in the form of charity, education and volunteering.

The company also offers internships to provide students with real world experience. This has many advantages, including working on real projects and shouldering real responsibilities; a fun and relaxed work environment; mentoring and training to build skills and confidence; and opportunities to expand career potential and build resumes.

Internships are currently available in marketing, engineering and IT. A successful period as an intern could also be the start of a great career at National Instruments. An online degree could be the start of a rewarding and exciting career at a company like this. Explore the online degrees available through accredited colleges and universities by visiting

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