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Young job seekers might want to consider heading to the western part of the United States to increase the chance of getting their ideal job. According to estimates by IHS Global Insight, 70 percent of the states where the most new jobs will be created this year are in the west, a region benefiting from continued growth in the tourism, technology and energy industries. The seven states with the highest projected job growth this year are Oregon, Idaho, Utah, Colorado, Arizona, Texas and North Dakota. They also experienced rapid employment increases last year.

For many years after the Second World War, the west was a hotbed of job and population growth, but in some states in the region, the economy took longer than average to rebound after the economic recession and the downturn in the housing market.

The opinion of economists is that now states such as Nevada and Arizona have worked through the majority of home foreclosures there will be a sharp rebound in residential construction, which creates thousands of new job opportunities. Many states in the west, however, have not recouped all the jobs that were lost during the recession.

Richard Wobbekind, the head of business research at the University of Colorado, Boulder, said: “It was down so far, and the housing market has finally stabilized.”

Other factors also play a role. Texas and North Dakota are thriving because of an oil boom after they avoided the most severe blows of the recession. Utah and Colorado, while experiencing a surge in natural gas and oil drilling, have now also become high-tech centers helping to satisfy the country’s demand for mobile applications and devices. Oregon is a hub for the manufacturing of semiconductors.

A high-tech base that includes Apple’s new glass manufacturing plant in Mesa, which provides jobs for 2,000 people, is driving Job growth in Arizona. There has also been a surge in tourism as consumer spending is once again being stimulated by increasing household wealth.

As technology continues to enable people to work remotely, the whole western region is attracting new residents from surrounding states who dream of living among beautiful mountains and experiencing a better quality of life.

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