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Most people are familiar with the statistics that are regularly quoted in newspapers and TV news reports. GDP growth, inflation and the unemployment rate have become household topics, but few people know much about the people who are responsible for compiling these statistics. Statisticians utilize statistical methods to gather and study data and solve real-world issues in the sciences, engineering, commerce, banking and numerous other fields.

Statisticians plan and help carry out opinion polls, surveys and experiments to collect the information they require. They are also often involved in writing instructions for other employees on the right way to gather and arrange this information. Surveys, for example, might be conducted over the telephone, mailed, conducted online or carried out by some other means.

Important surveys like the United States census gather data from just about every citizen in the country. For the majority of opinion polls and surveys, however, statisticians use scientifically designed sampling to gather data from a representative group of individuals. It is the statistician’s job to determine the size and type of sample that should be polled or surveyed.

Statisticians require computers with highly specialized computer programs to study the data that has been gathered. They then try to pinpoint relationships and trends hidden within the data. They also carry out tests to confirm the data’s validity and reliability. Some statisticians may also be involved in writing computer programs that are used to analyze statistical data.


Just about every government department in the country employs statisticians. They are involved in a variety of tasks, including measuring levels of unemployment, economic growth and inflation.

Many statisticians also work in research and development. They help to design experiments for product development and testing. The commercial sector also employs large numbers of statisticians to develop marketing strategies and determine the prices of consumer goods.

According to the Bureau of Labor Statistics, the average statistician earns around $75,560 per year. There were around 27,600 statisticians in the country in 2012. The BLS expects this figure to grow to 35,000 by 2022. This represents a growth rate of 27 percent, which is far higher than the average for all jobs.

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