Sales Directors Enjoy Excellent Salaries And Great Career Prospects

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The sales industry can be a challenging environment. Instead of relying on luck, the best salespeople know exactly how to clinch a deal. They also know that planning and strategy are vital components of the ultimate success recipe. A sales director, a position above that of sales manager, is responsible for planning and executing these crucial strategies. Sales directors play a vital role in the success of a company’s sales efforts.

What does a sales director actually do?

The daily diary of a sales director is usually very full and varied. It will normally include tasks such as designing strategies, sales plans, tactics and profit targets; building long-term relationships with current and potential clients; finding and reporting on marketing opportunities in the company’s target markets; representing the firm at trade fairs, conferences and networking events; managing a sales team; and making sure that opportunities for new business development are maximized.

Sales directors often work in a high-pressure environment, and the amount of traveling involved could be problematic for individuals with families.

Working Conditions

A sales director usually works normal office hours on weekdays, but he or she should be able and willing to put in overtime when the need arises. While the work is partly office-based, a lot of time is spent on out-of-office activities, including attending conferences, visiting clients, and attending exhibitions and trade fairs. The job often also includes a fair amount of traveling, in many cases both nationally and internationally.

An individual who excels as a sales director might very well end up as a managing director or chief executive officer.


A sales director is well paid. In fact, the money is one of the biggest attractions of this career. While some sales directors earn around $50,000 a year, an annual income of $165,000 and even more is not unheard of. There are often additional perks, such as a company car and traveling at the company’s expense.


While a proven track record as an outstanding salesperson is often a requirement for this job, qualifications also play a crucial role. An online degree in advertising, sales management or marketing could go a long way to prepare a candidate for a lucrative career in sales. Find out more about earning your online degree at

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