Early Childhood Education Provides High Level Job Satisfaction

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Individuals who love to work with children might want to consider a career in early childhood education. An online early childhood education degree could be the first step towards an exciting and rewarding career in this field. Preschool teachers train and look after children in the years before they enter kindergarten, usually those in the three-to-five age group. Their job is to teach these children science, writing and a variety of other subjects on a level that young children can understand.

Typical Duties of a Kindergarten Teacher

  • Prepare kids for kindergarten by familiarizing them with concepts that will be further explored in preschool and elementary school.
  • Work with individual children or groups of children, depending on the subject matter and the needs of the particular children.
  • Design and implement a curriculum that addresses different aspects of child development, including motor, language and social skills.
  • Plan activities that will teach the children about the world, develop their talents and allow them to explore their interests.
  • Draw up schedules and develop routines to make sure the kids have sufficient time for physical activity, play and rest.
  • Be on the lookout for any signs of developmental or emotional problems in kids and bring this to the attention of their parents.
  • Maintain accurate records of the children’s routines, progress and interests and ensure that parents are informed about the development of their children.

Young kids learn through problem solving, playing, experimenting and questioning. Kindergarten teachers therefore utilize playing and other educational techniques to teach them about the world in which they live. For example, language and vocabulary skills are often taught using rhyming games and storytelling.

Preschool teachers very often have to deal with children from different religious, racial and ethnic backgrounds. This is a golden opportunity for them to include lesson topics that will teach the kids how to deal with people of other cultures and backgrounds.

According to the BLS, the median salary of a preschool teacher was $27,130 in May 2012. The top ten percent of them earned in excess of $48,660. Job satisfaction is a very important perk of this career. To learn more about earning a degree in early childhood education, visit

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