Contract Managers Love The Variety Their Job Offers

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The job of a construction contract manager is to manage projects from beginning to end, making sure that individual tasks are completed within budget and on time. Contract managers can work on a variety of different projects, including schools, houses, office developments, and rail and road schemes. Contract managers are not necessarily in charge of one project at a time; they often manage a number of projects simultaneously.

The contract manager is often the first point of contact for site managers, clients, the public and sub-contractors. This is true for the duration of the contract. An important part of the job is managing client expectations and dealing with safety and health issues.

The typical day of a contract manager might include negotiating orders with sub-contractors, overseeing the sub-contractors, organizing the workforce and planning the workflow using techniques such as CPM (Critical Path Method).

They are also responsible for agreeing on extra work to be carried out during a project, resolving disagreements that may come up and pinpointing areas where improvement is necessary in the company’s contracting procedures.

Environment and Hours

The majority of contract managers typically do not work more than 40-hours a week, Monday to Friday. There are opportunities to travel with a few of the larger employers.

Work is performed both in an office environment and on-site. It is also necessary from time to time to visit clients. Site work might be challenging, sometimes exposing employees to extremely adverse weather conditions. While working on-site, contract managers are required to wear protective clothing.

Interests and Skills

Contract managers need a good understanding of the various aspects of the contracting process, good commercial sense and knowledge of technical building requirements. Their people skills also need to be excellent.


According to, the average salary of a contract manager can vary between a low of around $50,000 to a high of well over $100,000 per year. The actual remuneration will depend on the type of work involved and the size of the company and its projects.

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