Social And Community Service Managers Can Make A Difference

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Individuals who care about social issues have various career options. One of them is to become a social and community service manager. This job entails the supervision and coordination of community organizations and social service programs. Social and Community Service managers lead and direct staff who are involved in the provision of social services to members of the public.

Some of the particular duties involved with this job category include liaising with members of a specific community and various other stakeholders to identify the types of services and programs that are needed; developing and managing programs to address the needs of a specific group of people in the target community; setting up monitoring systems to provide feedback about the effectiveness of their programs; managing personnel, including social workers, who deliver services to the target group, and analyzing statistics to determine whether a program is effective and how it can be improved.

They might also draw up and control budgets for organizations and programs; design and oversee community outreach projects to increase public awareness of programs; and draw up proposals for funding of social services.

Social and community service managers are employed by a broad selection of human and social service organizations. These organizations sometimes concentrate on working with particular groups of people, including the homeless, children, veterans or senior citizens. Other organizations concentrate on assisting individuals with specific challenges, such as long-term unemployment, chronic food shortage or mental health problems.

Social and community service managers are regularly required to prove that their services and programs are effective. To do this, they collect data and background information to evaluate the effectiveness of the programs in the target communities. They also assess staff members and mentor them when necessary.

In 2012, there were 132,900 social and community service managers in the United States. This figure is expected to grow by 27,700 through 2022, an above average increase of 21 percent over ten years.

According to the Bureau of Labor Statistics, the median salary of a social and community manager was just below $60,000 in 2012. The bottom ten percent of people in this job category earned less than $36,250, while the top ten percent earned more than $99,150 per year.

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