Are You a Likely Candidate to Become a Librarian?

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Individuals who describe themselves as bookworms that would enjoy an academic job working alongside other people that also love books, should take a serious look at a career as a librarian. While this career has undergone major transformations recently, its main task remains assisting readers in finding the books or information they are seeking.

The daily tasks of a librarian include managing electronic resources and keeping them up to date; managing junior staff members, assisting members of the public, keeping the library well organized and tidy, and keeping records of library books with catalogs that are easy to use.

Librarians might also organize activities and events such as children’s book readings, follow up on books that are overdue and collect fines, order new books and make sure they are displayed in a prominent place, and ensure that the library is quiet and orderly at all times

Librarians also often have the responsibility of managing the library’s budget for new books and making sure these funds are spent responsibly. Senior librarians spend less time interacting with the public and restocking. Instead, they concentrate on goals and targets.

Working Hours and Conditions

As one would expect, librarians spend their working time indoors. The typical workweek will be around 40-hours. Given the fact that libraries are open after hours, there are often also part-time positions available.

Libraries generally fall into three different categories: public, private and university.

Average Salary for Librarians

According to the Bureau of Labor Statistics the median salary for librarians was $55,370 in May 2012. The current median is most likely closer to $60,000 per year. The lowest ten percent of these individuals earned less than $33,380, while the top earners received a salary of more than $85,430. Universities, colleges and professional schools as well as local and private libraries paid the best salaries.


An online information systems management degree can be very helpful in finding a job in this field, as well as qualifications in software engineering or computer science. A postgraduate qualification in librarianship or even an MSC/MA in Librarianship or Information Science is also an excellent option.

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