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AOC-Top-Student-Blogger-AwardThere is nothing quite like the college experience, regardless of which college or university you attend. Today’s students have the opportunity to share their experiences with other students in more ways than ever before, but especially through blogs and social media. The great thing about sharing experiences is that you never know how much your thoughts and perspectives will impact someone else.

We’ve been scouring the Internet for student bloggers who make a difference by sharing their thoughts, study tips and experiences as college students. Whether you are a student, an aspiring student, or simply someone who likes to read neat stuff, you should explore these articles from our Top Student Bloggers!

These Are Our Top Ten Picks:

Good Vibrations by Bongani Ndlovu, Amherst College

Bongani shares his participation strategy for class discussions, which might come in very handy for other students in the future. Check it out here Good Vibrations

Collaboration by Tyler Seecof, The University of the Arts

Tyler opens his article with this thought, “Something you will be forced to do is to collaborate.” It is so true that one of the most important things we can learn – at any age – is that collaborating with others is an important life lesson. Whether as a student or in a career after graduation, collaboration is key! Read Tyler’s article here: Collaboration

College Success Stories: 5 Students Like You Who Made It Through by Will Erstad, Rasmussen College

This inspirational article that shares five success stories of students who chose to make a commitment to further their education in spite of obstacles is sure to inspire you too. Will shares the stories of a veteran, a young parent and others who made their goals a reality by returning to college. Read it here: College Success Stories

Into the Streets by Lilly Liu, Cornell University

Lilly shares the memorable experience of her day of volunteering through Cornell’s annual day of volunteerism and service.  Her group responded to letters from prisoners requesting reading materials. After reading their letters, they searched for the right type of books to send them. She writes, “With each letter, one gets a glimpse into the life of a person who has done wrong, is starting to reform, and is thirsty to learn.” Read her touching article here: Into the Streets

The Importance of Leadership Roles by Jaudia Quin, Cornell University

This article discusses the importance of extracurricular activities while you attend college. Jaudia says, “It will not only give you something to look forward to outside of your school work, but it will also allow you opportunities for leadership roles.” She also shares five very good tips that will help any student consider the value of applying for leadership roles within the organizations they choose to join. Find her tips here: The Importance of Leadership Roles

Getting Back Into Gear by Catherine David, NOVA

This may be a short article, but it’s packed with fabulous tips about getting back into the swing of things when a new semester begins. Check it out: Getting Back Into Gear

Study Habits: Midterms by Aaron DeNeau NOVA

From eating well to preparing your own study guide, Aaron shares his list that will help you improve your study habits. There’s nothing like getting this information first hand from someone who has learned the importance of developing good study habits. Discover these great tips here: Study Habits

My Rapture of a Good Book by Stephanie, The University of the Arts

Though this article is not about study tips or getting back into the groove of studying, if you’re an aspiring artist of any kind, you will likely find this very informative. Stephanie says, “As an artist I feel urge to share this book with as many people as I can…”  Find out which book has made such a difference for this aspiring artist: My Rapture

Liberal Arts for the Practical Mind by Miu Suzuki, Amherst College

If you’ve ever considered a liberal arts education, you should check out Miu’s article. She is a student who knows what she wants from her education and it could make a difference for you if you’re trying to decide what to do with your future. Read it here:  Liberal Arts

Short Course Journals: Selfies, Superheroes and Short Course by Caleb Cook, Freed-Hardeman University

Yes, we will admit that the title of this article definitely caught our attention to begin with. In this article Caleb shares an experience in taking a short course that proved to be a very creative and rewarding experience. Especially if you are into photography, (and who isn’t these days) this is a cool article you should check out: Short Course Journal

If you have a favorite student blogger or a blog that students would find interesting and helpful in their college journey, please share them with us in the comment section below. We would love to hear from you.

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