Accountants Keep The Financial Wheels Turning

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Individuals who love working with numbers should give a career as an accountant some serious consideration. Accountants mostly work behind the scenes in an office environment, so many people are not familiar with their duties. The fact of the matter is that accountants are the financial backbones of most businesses. They help the business to develop financial goals, set up plans to achieve these goals, and then take the steps that are necessary to execute the plans.

More About the Job Of an Accountant

The primary function of an accountant is to prepare financial records. Most accountants also have to analyze financial records to determine certain trends, calculate various ratios and determine whether the company has made a profit or loss.

Accountants ensure that accurate financial records are kept and that the correct taxes are paid on or before the due date.

While many accountants perform these duties for business firms, there are also a large number of them providing the same services to private individuals.

The typical tasks of the average accountant include ensuring that accurate financial records are kept; ensuring that the financial records and statements comply with regulations and laws, drawing up regular budgets and financial statements, calculating the amount of taxes that must be paid and ensuring prompt payment, inspecting accounting systems and accounting records and making improvements where necessary, and improving the financial efficiency of the firm wherever possible. They might also recommend best practices to the firm’s management, suggest ways to enhance profits, and cooperate with internal and external auditors.


According to, accountants earned an average yearly salary of $57,000 in 2014. This can vary depending on the responsibilities associated with the job and the size of the firm. Accountants at large firms can earn much more, while an office accountant at a small firm will earn less.

Qualifications For an Accounting Career

To get an entry-level job in this field, the minimum requirement is usually an Associate’s Degree in accounting. A Bachelor’s Degree in accounting will likely open the door to more lucrative job opportunities. An online accounting degree can be very useful in this regard. This is also a good option for individuals who are already working and have to study part-time.

A Master of Business Administration or a CPA qualification will help prepare the candidate for a senior management position in this career field. Explore your opportunities to advance your education online by visiting


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