Digital Marketing Executives at the Forefront of a New Industry

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With the advent of the Internet, many new career opportunities have developed that simply did not exist two decades ago. One of them is the digital marketing executive. This job is similar to that of a traditional marketing manager except that it concentrates on digital marketing.  With the phenomenal growth of the Internet, many businesses now have an online presence, and the number of job opportunities in digital marketing is increasing by the day. A job as a digital marketing executive can involve working in two related but different fields.

The first deals with the marketing of digital services and products such as website hosting, mobile applications and subscriptions. This job might include online marketing campaigns and also offline campaigns using printed material such as posters and brochures.

The second option is to market any product, whether it is digital or not, purely via digital marketing strategies. This includes all marketing campaigns that are conducted online, such as YouTube videos, social networking and online advertising.

Responsibilities of a digital marketing executive might include researching new opportunities that can be exploited by online marketing campaigns, advising sales teams on the best ways to market digital services and products, helping to develop international marketing campaigns for different products, writing sales material for online ads, and interacting with software developers during the process of search engine optimization.

Other tasks that a digital marketing executive could be in charge of include analyzing visitor statistics to better serve the company’s target market; submitting regular reports regarding sales, market penetration and visitor demographics to management; working with graphic artists and web designers to ensure the firm has a visually appealing online presence; building and maintaining online social networks; writing sales material for email advertising campaigns; compiling brochures and other printed marketing material to supplement online marketing efforts; communicating important information related to digital products to colleagues without a digital marketing background; and attending product launches, conferences and networking events.

Pay Rates

A quick search for this job category at revealed above average earnings potential. A Social Media Product Manager in New York can earn around $131,000 per year, while a Senior Digital Marketing Manager in the same city can earn in the region of $168,000 per year.


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