Public Health Inspectors Protect Our Health

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A public health inspector has a very important job: he must ensure that public establishments operate in accordance with public health legislation. By consistently reinforcing public health mandates, these inspectors help to improve our communities. Sometimes public health inspectors also have to testify in court cases. Public health inspectors review and examine public establishments, making sure each one complies with public health laws and regulations.

Most of these laws and regulations pertain to the sanitation of the particular establishment, which could include motels, hotels, swimming facilities, restaurants and other food service establishments, certain health and housing facilities, and youth camps. The sole purpose of these regulations and laws is to protect members of the public against disease and other health hazards.

According to data published by the New York State Department of Health, a public health inspector usually works under a sanitarian or an environmental health professional. Public health inspectors often conduct surprise inspections at public establishments, and also have to act in response to complaints from the public about a lack of hygiene at a particular establishment.


Typical duties of a public health inspector include primary as well as follow-up inspections at public establishments to make sure they comply with sanitary codes. Any violations are usually brought to the attention of the owner, and he or she is then given a reasonable period of time to rectify the situation.

Inspectors could also be required to testify in court cases regarding public health violations by establishments. That is why these inspectors should keep meticulous inspection records and prepare detailed reports about their findings.

Other duties of public health inspectors could include evaluating information pertaining to a particular inspection and corresponding with establishments regarding permits and violations.

Average Salaries

The U.S. Bureau of Labor Statistics says that the average annual salary of occupation safety and health specialists, including public health inspectors, was between $40,080 and $97,380 in 2012 depending on the seniority of the position and the size of the employer.

Many public health inspectors are employed by government agencies at the local, state or federal level. The BLS website also lists firms offering consulting services and manufacturing hospitals as potential employers.


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