Call Center Agents Are At The Forefront Of Customer Relations

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A call center agent or representative is an individual who deals with outgoing or incoming customer calls. He or she might be expected to handle customer complaints, accounts inquiries or support requests. Call center agents are sometimes also called telephone service or sales representatives, associates, attendants, account executives, operators, team members or customer service representatives.

Typical Duties

A call center agent is often the primary point of contact between the customer and the company. Whether these agents are trying to sell a product or service, replying to customers’ inquiries or providing technical support to clients, they always have to act in a professional manner and remember that they are the public face of the company.

Call center agents who have to make cold calls to members of the public act as sales agents for the company. Their job does not always involve directly selling a particular product or service; in many cases, they try to set an appointment with the prospective client for one of the company’s representatives.

Call center agents are often employed to provide technical assistance to clients via phone, fax or email. This is typically the case in industries such as web hosting, where the call center agent has to assist clients with any technical problems they might have.

Attributes Required

People working in this field use listening and questioning skills to determine the exact needs of the other party. They must be effective at taking messages, dealing with interruptions and understanding requests. It is also important to understand how important attitude is when dealing with the public.

Good agents are able to deal with high stress levels, upset customers and angry callers. They also must learn to adapt their conversational style to communicate with the client at his or her level.

Those working in call centers need to understand the basic principles of telephone etiquette in the target market and apply certain techniques to ensure that the agent remains in control of the conversation. Call center agents must have the ability to remain professional regardless of the situation and should never make promises to customers that cannot be kept.


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