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Entertainment ManagerOne of the most exciting and lucrative careers possible is that of an entertainment manager. Just like the title suggests, this job involves managing the careers of those in the entertainment business. At first glance, this glamorous career can seem like a dream come true, because it allows you the chance to mingle with celebrities, form great relationships with people in the entertainment industry and earn an impressive salary.

With all of those perks, however, come plenty of downsides, one of which is the competitiveness of the job market. To get ahead, secure a career as an entertainment manager and never step foot on an actual college campus, read on.

Understand What Entertainment Managers Do

The first step in becoming an entertainment manager is understanding what this position truly entails. An entertainment manager is responsible for the career of their client, and they are sometimes referred to as artist managers or entertainment agents.

Since they always want what is best for the client, they might negotiate salaries, help define the stipulations of a new record deal or help book schedules.

Depending on the caliber of the client in the entertainment industry, their manager might work with a team of people or only spend a few hours each week focusing on each individual client. Entertainment managers also need to keep up their own reputation, as that is what influences new clients to hire them rather than the competition.

Be Realistic About Expectations

If it all sounds like glitz, glamor and celebrities, it is important to really understand the pros and cons of the career. Salary is a big hot-button issue, and one that can vary significantly.

The Bureau of Labor Statistics reports that as of 2012, agents and business managers in the entertainment industry earned median salaries of $96,410. While that is certainly impressive, aspiring entertainment managers should take into account that the number is the median.

Many entertainment professionals earn as much as one million each year to oversee the careers of their clients, but even more earn far less than the figure stated. Another downside that should realistically be addressed is the competitiveness of the industry. There are a staggering number of people who want to serve as entertainment managers, so it takes drive, determination and a strong work ethic.

Of course, having a degree that shows your credibility and training for this position will also go a long way in getting you hired in a city like New York or Los Angeles.

Choose the Perfect Degree and Major for Your Future

If you have a realistic picture of what life would be like as an entertainment manager, and you are ready to move forward, then you should give some thought to which college degree will be the best way to prepare for your future.

An associate degree may be sufficient to become an entry-level employee with a big management company, but it may not be adequate for a top-level career later in life.

The most popular type of degree is the bachelor’s degree, a four year program that can be completed online as well as through traditional college campuses. While there are specific entertainment management degrees that you can pursue, that is not the only major that can prepare you for this particular career. Other great majors to consider might include advertising, public relations, contract negotiations, business administration or marketing.

Explore the Appeal of an Online Degree

Once you have decided on a type of degree and a major, you will have the opportunity to select either a traditional college campus degree program or an online program.

While both have pros and cons, online degrees are often the top pick for busy students. Online degrees work by providing students will all of the resources they need at to study, learn and take exams from any computer.

Lectures can be streamed live so that you watch them in real time, or you can watch recorded versions at a later date when it fits better into your schedule.

Hassles like commuting long distances to campus, waking up at dawn to attend early-morning lectures and missing shifts of work to accommodate your class schedule can all be things of the past if you pursue an online degree.

If you want to become an entertainment manager, an online degree also gives you the option of working and studying at the same time, which can help you follow your dreams even when you have a busy schedule, a full-time career, bills to pay or a family to care for.

Prepare for a New Career with an Exciting Curriculum

Whatever degree you opt to earn, whether it is online or on a traditional college campus, your curriculum will include a variety of different courses and classes to prepare you for a new career as an entertainment manager. Just some of the various courses you should expect to take might include market research, advertising, marketing, accounting, public relations, finance, communications, public speaking, entertainment business, venue management and event management.

Consider an Internship or Work Experience in the Entertainment Industry

Even after earning your online degree in entertainment management, a great way to prepare fully for your new career choice is with an internship, apprenticeship or any other form of work experience. If your schedule permits, this can be done simultaneously with your online degree, which will set you up to secure a great job as soon as you graduate.

Many accredited online colleges have guidance staff that can connect with you online and set up an internship in your nearest city. These can range from week-long shadowing sessions to year-long part-time jobs that earn you either college credit or an impressive addition to your resume.

Many successful entertainment managers now work at the same location where they once interned, so this is a serious step to consider in the process of becoming an agent.

If you are interested in a new career in the entertainment industry, online degrees in entertainment management can be a great place to start. Wherever you live, these degrees are available for anyone with a high school diploma or the equivalent of a general education degree.

With a computer and access to the Internet, you can begin earning your degree and preparing for a successful and potentially lucrative career as an entertainment manager.

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