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Business administration degrees are among the most popular choices for today’s college students. The curriculum focuses on honing leadership abilities, mastering the administrative side of any business and developing skills like organization, multitasking and communication. As a result, graduates can be prepared to enter into any number of different industries.

While it is entirely possible to major in general business administration, many students who already know their preferred area of employment can specify their studies and choose a focus.

Discover some of the most popular types of business administration degree programs available at the undergraduate level, what it will take to enroll in each and what kind of careers they can prepare you for.


Marketing and business administration go hand in hand, which is what makes this particular degree focus such a great option for anyone with an interest in the field. Marketing involves creating brand awareness and informing consumers about the value of a particular product, which is something that retail businesses deal with on a daily basis.

If you want to secure a career in marketing that is practical and versatile, then a business administration degree with a marketing specialty does exactly that. Examples of the job titles you might enjoy after graduation include that of marketing executive, account consultant, marketing manager or market researcher.

Computer Science

Most of the people who major in computer science end up in the field, but they may lack the skills in takes to thrive in leadership and managerial positions. If you enjoy working with computers and find that you have a natural ability in the subject, but you also want to one day secure a manager’s position with a big technology firm, then combining the two into a single degree may be the best choice.

A business administration degree with a focus on computer science will include courses like programming and C++, but you will also cover the basics of business finance, accounting and how to lead your fellow employees to meet deadlines and impress clients.

Criminal Justice

Over the past decade, criminal justice has become one of the hottest college majors for students. A lot of that appeal can be attributed to the rise of films, novels and television shows that revolve around the criminal justice system. With more and more students pursuing the field, the job market can feel competitive. Many employers are searching for someone who understands the tenets of criminal justice and who can also handle the administrative side of the equation.

With a degree in business administration that focuses on criminal justice, you might find yourself working as a police headquarters office manager, as the director of a police agency or even as a detective.

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Starting your own business as an entrepreneur is perhaps one of the toughest careers on the planet. If you are successful, you can enjoy incredible benefits like the ability to set your own hours, a full share of the profits and the fulfillment of being your own boss. However, running a successful business from the beginning is a serious challenge, and it is can be almost impossible without the right training and education. A business administration degree with a focus on entrepreneurial studies may be the perfect way to prepare for a career as an entrepreneur.

The curriculum might include courses on how to finance new businesses, how to create a business plan, how to budget for expenses, how to hire employees, how to market your product and how to advertise to customers. All of these things are vital if you want to get a new product or idea off the ground and start your own small business. Even if you don’t want to become an entrepreneur, understanding every aspect of how to run a business can make you an exceptional manager for companies in nearly every industry imaginable.

Human Resources Management

If you are the kind of person who gets along well with others, is an excellent communicator and can stay organized no matter how complicated the situation, then a career in human resources may be ideal for you. A human resources manager has the job of coordinating and overseeing much of the administrative side of a corporation. Their daily tasks might include dealing with any employee complaints, hiring new recruits, handling the payroll for a small business or acting as a liaison between staff and upper management.

In order to prepare for this kind of career, one of the best degrees is a bachelor’s in business administration and human resources management. By fully understanding the scope of administrative work for a business, you will be able to act confidently no matter what challenges are thrown at you. Since there are human resources departments in nearly every large corporation, political agency or government organization, you will be eligible to work in nearly any industry and in any location around the world.

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Business Administration and International Business

If you want to see the world, meet new and interesting people and explore different cultures, then a career in international business can often be the perfect choice. While you can choose to major specifically in international business, a foreign language or international finance, a more versatile degree is often the bachelor’s of business administration and international business.

This four-year degree program will prepare you for careers with multinational corporations around the globe, but it will also give you the skills needed to work in an administrative capacity closer to home. This flexibility means that you can be a cultural liaison in Japan, a client account manager in New York City or an office manager in Des Moines depending on your interests, current career goals and ambition.

Health Care Management

Whatever business administration degree you choose to pursue, some the basic courses you might expect to take can include management, economics, statistics, accounting, marketing and computer programs. Since these skills are used in businesses everywhere, it grants you plenty of flexibility. However, many students are particularly interested in working in health care.

The medical industry is one of the fastest-growing in the country, which leads to an increased number of job openings, more stability and greater earning potential. To put your administrative skills to use in an in-demand field, concentrating on health care management in your business administrative degree can be the ideal solution.

To begin a business management career, a relevant degree like the associate or bachelor’s in business administration is a great start. However, students might also want to consider the possibility of focusing on a specific niche area of industry like health care management, international business or even entrepreneurship.

Whatever area of focus you ultimately select, you can pursue the degree online through an accredited online college. This grants you the flexibility of completing the degree at your own pace and the convenience of tackling lectures, exams and coursework from the comfort of home. Visit to learn more about earning your degree online.

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